Web Rates

§         Website Creation*: $ 1,250 - $ 1,995

o       Cost varies depending upon size, complexity of site, potential packaging with other services purchased

§       Web Content Updates: -   Leave all or some of your website updating to us (click here for menu of website content update services including pricing)


§  Content Management System Training: $ 250 flat fee

 o       This is the surest way to keep your site fresh- assign your staff to update regularly. We'll train your staff members  how to update your site and leave screenshot tutorials for future reference- this single training session can accommodate up to 3 people


§         Photo Services: $ 75/basic on-location session (WI only)

o       Up to 1 hour basic session -additional charges apply for optional additional services, also miles & time traveled for businesses outside our local area

o       This is a great way to update your site and give your visitors new reasons to come to your site and your business! Professional photographer will photograph building/grounds, recent work completed, product for specials, events, etc. (contracted discounts available for frequent regular photo services such as weekly entertainment, etc.)- You receive rights to use photos for website, advertising, etc.


§         Analytics Review/Consult (monthly): $ 50/mo.

o       We’ll provide you with your site statistics and help you relate them to your marketing plan to find the best way for you to get the most out of every marketing dollar


§         Full Rep-Style Services: $ 160/mo.

o       We'll help you make sure your site doesn't get moved to the back burner. Includes monthly rep-initiated conference to review and discuss analytics, site content, marketing plan, and make recommendations. Also includes on-site basic photo session giving you the most current images to use on your site and actual content and SEM changes made.


§         Email Marketing Program: by quote

o       Can include develop, buy, maintain lists, content/creation/design, delivery, scheduling, etc.


§         SEO/SEM optimization: $ 200/month

o       monthly review and revision


§         Social Media Consulting: $ 50/mo.


§         Social Media or Blog Ghost Writing: by quote


§          E-Commerce Component to site: by quote



*domains and hosting are separate and will be billed to client at cost