Popular Content Ideas


  • Photos - graphically rich sites are more interesting to the viewer. A small library of shots can be played in a loop to keep it fresh with less frequent updating.


  • Brochure Style- think along the lines of any information you would use in a brochure or other informational "hand out"- even greater reach than your printed piece and less cost.


  •  Policies, Fine print, Specifications, etc. - anything that your customers should have in writing can be easily accessed and printed from your website if you choose. It is an easy way to put the information where it is accessible and put the responsibility on the customer. This way customers can print it themselves and only those that are not able to or do not want to will formally request a hard copy.


  • Video- how to videos and home videos submitted by site visitors are 2 of the most popular ways businesses make use of video on their websites.


  • Reviews and Testimonials- ask permission first of course, but any compliments you get from satisfied customers can make great new content for your site. It is fresh and real and it is unsolicited "Good PR".