There are many reasons why a business owner may find themselves without a website or at least without their ideal website.


Foxx Interactive Services is here to help.


What's been holding you back?


Common Perceived Obstacles:


- "I can't afford a huge investment- I'm sure it's expensive to get something decent"


§  It's not as expensive as you may think. We can get you all set up with a domain, hosting and a basic multi-page fully functioning website designed to specifically suit your business starting around $800.


- "If I have a website then I have to rely on and pay someone else to change it- could turn into a real money pit"


§  Sites we build for you are on a content management system platform. This means changes on your website are as easy for you to make as using Microsoft Word- no extra charges.


- "I don't even know where to start"


§  The best place to start is by giving us a call to set up your free no-obligation consultation. We can answer your questions face to face.



- "I don't need a website everyone is on Facebook and Twitter and it's free" 

§  We recommend supplementing your website efforts with a plan for Facebook and Twitter for 4 major reasons:


1.     Analytics are available using your website- you can see hard numbers to determine what's working and what's not.


2.     You control the information people find on your website.


3.     Your audience can come deeper into your brand and find specific information.


 4.  Only 38% of American adult internet users use an online social networking site*

*according to a May 2010 study by the Pew Research Center


- "I'm going to build my own website..... Someday...when I find the time" 

§  If you haven't found the time yet, will you be able to do it soon? What opportunities are you missing in the mean time? Once you get the site in place how will you find the further time required to update, etc.?


- "I don't have the time to keep up with a website"


§  We offer various levels of service allowing you to choose how much time you need to spend keeping up with your website. For example, you can contract for a one-time project or for full-rep. service where we contact you for updated information and take care of your changes for you.


 - "My customers aren't on the internet"


§  It may seem like most people you deal with are not internet users; however, statistics show the majority of your customers and potential customers are using the internet. According to a May 2010 Survey of the Pew Research Center 79% of American adults use the internet. 



"I already spend plenty of money on advertising and direct mail- people know my business- I haven't had a website until now so I'm pretty sure I don't need one"


§  The question isn't whether you'll survive without a website, the question is how much more successful you can be with a website and the entire spectrum of possibilities it opens up to you. A website will give you an unprecedented opportunity to collect your own information on your customer base, test what works to reach new and current customers and develop the most cost-effective and successful interactions with all of your customers.



- "I did my website already a few years ago- so I'm all set"


§  Improve the return on your investment. We will help you update and keep your website fresh, find ways to interact with visitors, and collect data to help you analyze how well your site is working and make changes as needed. We can also help you develop a plan for related projects to make your entire marketing plan more efficient such as landing pages, email marketing programs and surveys.



"Everything changes so fast with technology these days by the time I get a website set up it will probably be obsolete anyway"


§  Look at your website as your virtual storefront or building. Like your actual storefront or facility, as time goes by you may need to remodel or do an expansion project but the building is the solid foundation on which to build in the future. Make your website a virtual landmark people get used to visiting.






Have we gotten your attention?

Are you ready to take the next step?

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. We'll sit down and discuss your current efforts and plan. With the specifics for your business we'll be able to provide you with the solutions that best meet your needs and give you some ideas of what we can accomplish together. If you decide to proceed, you'll leave that meeting with a questionnaire to help organize your thoughts and compile the information you need to get everything underway. At the next meeting you'll give us your ideas and information and we'll start to develop the structure for your site. That meeting is where you contract us and submit your deposit authorizing work to begin on your site.