E-mail Marketing

Foxx Interactive Services is ready to help you harness the power of email. Whether you want to develop an email marketing program to: serve your current customer base, attract new customers or a combination we are your partner. Contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation.

§  Bring in your customers:

Provide special offers, events, coupons or information about product specials.


§  Establish your reputation:

Provide valuable information and "how-to"s to make sure your customers come to you for information, supplies and more!


§  Test what works:

Just like a direct mail campaign but much quicker, more cost-effective and quantifiable- an email marketing program gives you the ability to gather real information about your recipients and how they respond to your message.


§  Increase your interaction:

Get real feedback from your customers. Use your email marketing program to survey your customers or ask for other action on their part. By signing up for your email list they are asking to interact with you, take the opportunity to stay on the top of their mind and remind them why they are your customer. 





94% of internet users send or read e-mail*


*from May 2010 study- Pew Research Center