About Foxx Interactive Services

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Real help for you and your business....


  • Real People -  We offer you personalized service. Take advantage of having a dedicated representative on our staff get to know you, your business and your customers.


  • Real Partner -  We are your true partner offering regularly scheduled contact to help you achieve your marketing goals and ensure reaching out to your customers doesn’t slide down to the bottom of your list of priorities. We will cut through the clutter and confusion and get you the straightforward information so you can make the best decisions for your business in the least amount of time. Let us help you take your marketing plan from overwhelming to over-achieving.


  • Real Experience - Use our 20+ years of experience in marketing, sales, media and the internet to your advantage. We have day-to-day experience specializing in all of these aspects from small businesses to national companies. Let us answer your questions and help develop your goals and plan.


  • Real Communication –  We are unimpressed by meaningless buzzwords and techno-speak and find it detrimental to real communication. You’ll find our communication style clear and straightforward. Furthermore we will help sort through the flood of “new information” to find the true value of emerging technology to your business. 


  • Real Resources- Need help with a technical question or developing an idea? Whether regarding emerging technology, creating professional content and products or needing guidance about a particular process we can get you answers. We have direct access to, and strong relationships with, a team of media, internet, computer and emerging technology professionals who act as our resources.    


  • Real Results -  We help businesses put their money where it will earn them the best return.  The key advantage of today’s technology for any business is the amount of quantifiable information easily accessed about your marketing efforts and your customers. You no longer have to play guessing games about the return on your investment of resources. We can show you how to easily access and measure the results of all of your marketing efforts. You can customize your messages and target them directly to your customers and potential customers.